General Castings

General Castings

These castings are used in all process industries like Integrated Stell Plants, and General Engineering companies.

  • Impellers – IS 4771 CDMON4
  • Valves – WCB grade
  • Pig casting machine Moulds – IS 3038 Gr.3
  • Chain Links – IS 1030
  • Ceiling Plates – IS1030
  • Intet Tip Castings – IS 4522 Gr.9
  • Outlet Tip Castings – ditto
  • Stag Cap Upper
  • Stack Cap Lower
  • Clamping Flange
  • Transfer Chute Castings
  • Feed Tube Pipes
  • Pellet Car Assembly
  • Grade Bars
  • Hot Screen Castings – ASTM A297 Gr.HK40

U Hangers & S- Hanger

These heat resistant castings are used at HINDALCO, as furnace Tube Hangers. This product is a substitute for Kanthal, which is monopoly, thus saving cost and forex. Quality is infact better than the original Kanthal Alloy.

  • Hot Screens – ASTM A297 Gr.HK40 – used in steel plants and palatization plants
  • Nose Rings – used as light and medium merchant plants in steel plants
  • Furnace Observation Door – used in all furnaces for observing the metal
  • Liner Plates – ASTM A297 Gr.HF – used as liner plates in buckets for carrying molten metal in steal plants
  • Impact Blades – IS 276 -
  • Hammer Tips – IS 276 - used in mining industry for crushing coal or bauxite
  • Bucket – used to carry molten metal in steel plants.
  • Blast Furnace Runners – control flow of molten metal in blast furnace