Bimetallic Segment

Used for sealing of Stationary and Rotary kilns in Sponge Iron industry..

Nichrome Alloy Castings is leading Bimetallic Casting manufacturers India and has unrivalled experience & expertise in bimetallic castings for sponge iron industries. Firstly invented by Germany company, the product is improvised by Lohman castings, reducing cost by 75%. This product is monopoly product of Lohman Castings. About 1000 kilns are using this product from the last 20 years. 'Lohman Bimetallic segment' is proven to work for 7 to 12 years. High lifetime of these segments helps to reduce shutdown period, resulting in reduction of downtime, manpower, and lubrication cost. Usage of our product is consistently increasing the productivity of the kilns by 40%.